DAB Aerial for Pama Plug ‘N’ Go 1220


DAB Aerial for the Pama Plug ‘N’ Go 1220 – Magnetic Mount – 4m cable

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DAB Aerial for the Pama Plug ‘N’ Go 1220 – Magnetic Mount – 4m cable.


The Pama Plug ‘N’ Go uses a propriety connector that looks like an SMB fitting, but isn’t.

Guaranteed to fit your Pama unit or your money back.

DAB radio is a great addition to in-car entertainment. Clear, digital radio stations with CD quality sound.

The aerials supplied with DAB in-car radios are often an internal, glass mount type; a ‘get you going’ option.

To improve reception, the aerial is best placed outside the vehicle; as high up and vertical as possible. The signals are then not blocked by the vehicles metal panels.

This aerial provides a simple and easy to fit solution. The magnetic base avoids drilling a new hole or removal of the AM/FM aerial



Magnetic base

4 metres of cable

Plug that fits the Pama Plug ‘N’ Go 1220 unit.

Instructions provided.

Returns Guarantee


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